Published at: 03-02-2019

The UoH Sets a Work Plan for the Current Academic Year

Posted by:  UoH

With the presence of the UoH president, a number of Council members and numerous lecturers a meeting was arranged in which a work plan for the current academic year was set up. The work plan consisted of the followings:
1- Completing the construction of the building of the UoH presidency.
2-Completing the building of the fence of the UoH as it was promised to be built by MOHESR and Halabja Company Group.
3- Opening a number of new colleges and departments.
4- Developing the UoH media and website.
5-Giving attempts to invite international lecturers to teach at the UoH.
6- Gaining permission from MOHESR to study MA in the departments of Physics, History, Physical Education and Principles of Religion.
7-Improving relations with national and international universities.
8- Conducting research with foreign researchers.
9-Organizing international symposium.
10- Globalizing the UoH website.