Published at: 28-01-2019

The UoH Lecturer Publishes a Scientific Research in a Famous journal of the United States of America

Posted by:  UoH
Dean of College of Basic Education of the UoH Dr. Hussein Muhammed Saleh Rahim published a scientific research in a famous Journal of the United states which is (Social sciences for Policy Implications). The research was entitled, “the Rise of the Kharijite and Their Influences on the Contemporary Islamist Extremist Groups” in which he explained about an extremist group called Kharijite that grew during the early days of the Muslim societies and their ideology. In addition, he clarified how Kharijite emerged and created their characteristics and ideology, how Kharijite ideology survived throughout Muslim generations one after another until now, and to what extent are contemporary Islamist groups implementing the Kharijite‘s ideology.

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