Published at: 03-12-2018

At the end of it , the party of introduction which was hold for students of first stage .

Posted by:  UoH

A basic educations college of Halabja university hold some activities for first students of first stage .
A social science department of Halabja university which hold some activities for students of first stage to sense students about study’s situation in 28th November of 2018 .
The activities included two seminars , the first one which was presented by Marwan Mazhar , was entitled ( a good relation of students in university , he explained some points which are necessary to be academist and he mentioned points which cause to get succeed .
The second one which was presented by Yaseen omer , was entitled by (the importance of reading and research for students of university , he talked about rank of smart student , explained the importance of reading for student and he mentioned some ways which were used to information by students .