Published at: 21-11-2018

The UoH in Cooperation with HWPL Organization Holds an International Workshop

Posted by:  UoH

The College of Humanities of the UoH in cooperation with Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) organization hosted an international workshop entitled, “The Role of the University of Halabja in the Peace Summit of Korea 2018” on the 12 the of November 2018.
The workshop was presented by Dr. Nariman Abdulla, Dean of College of Humanities and Miss Emma Choi, coordinator of HWPL organization via Skype. A number of lecturers and students of the UoH and media channels attended the workshop.
At the beginning, Dr. Nariman made a brief speech of welcome and discussed the importance of the workshop for the development of the UoH. He further stated: “Halabja is a victim and symbol of sacrifice and we went through pain of suffering and war consequences because history’s most horrific crime was committed against Halabja. We also want to introduce the UoH by participating in international programs and recruiting international students”.
He further mentioned the joint plan with HWPL in which they intend to carry out in the future including sending the students abroad, integrating peace subject into schools as well as universities curricula in Halabja and implementing the idea of peace among Halabja people.
Besides, he pointed out to the future activities that the UoH has planned to conduct in this academic year on peace.
On the second part of the workshop, Miss Emma Choi described the important role of the UoH to make peace as a part of culture in Halabja. She further discussed the international workshop which was jointly conducted by the UoH and HWPL last year which was an important topic of discussion in a number of international channels. She also stated that HWPL is really pleased to participate in the activities on peace at the UoH. Miss Choi described the UoH as an active institution on peace subject.