Published at: 29-10-2018

The Language Center of the UoH Conducted Persian Language Proficiency Test

Posted by:  UoH

Language Center of the UoH performed a Proficiency Test for the participants of the Test on the 23rd of October 2018.
Language Center of the UoH offered a course for thirteen participants who are interested in taking Persian Language Proficiency as well as they have a plan to study at Iran Universities in February 2018. Besides, the course was based on the signed MoU between UoH and Firdawsy Mashhad University of Iran which was taught by the UoH two lecturers Mr. Ako Ibrahim Faqe and Mr. Sarko Nadhir Hussein. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim paid a visit to the exam hall with the aim of closely examining the situation and the mechanism of the test process.