Published at: 29-10-2018

A Delegation From Rojava, Kobane and Afrin Universities Visits the UoH

Posted by:  UoH

A delegation consisting of representatives from three universities Rojava, Kobane and Afrin paid a visit to the UoH on the 24th of October 2018. The delegation received a warm welcome from the UoH key staff. Then Dr. Tahseen, the UoH President, expressed his delight towards the delegation visit. He also discussed that the UoH door is always open towards any university for building scientific and bilateral relations. Furthermore, Dr. Tahseen stated that the UoH will give attempts to enroll the three mentioned universities to study in the scientific department of the UoH in the future. At the end,The delegation offered the UoH staff a suggestion which was to open Jineology Department (Women Science Department) which is studied at rojava universities and has one and second year students.