Published at: 15-10-2018

The UoH Receives a Delegation from Two Iranian Universities

Posted by:  UoH

A delegation from D-8 International and Bu-Ali Sina Universities visited the UoH. The delegation consisted of professor Yaghoub Mohammmadifar, the chancellor of Bu-Ali Sina University, and Dr. Sattar Azizi, executive director and administration of D-8 University, accompanied by a scientific staff on the 9th of October 2018. The delegation was warmly received by Assist. Prof. Dr. Nariman Ali on behalf of Presidency of UoH, a number of Council Members, Heads of Departments and Directors of Administrative units. A meeting was arranged in which Dr. Nariman, Dean of College of Humanities, warmly welcomed the delegation. Besides, he showed his appreciation towards the delegation visit to UoH. He further emphasized on that UoH doors are always open towards any Iranian delegation visit and cooperation. He also mentioned that Halabjaian and Kurdish people never forget the assistance and cooperation of Islamic Republic of Iran at the hard times of Iran-Iraq war, Chemical Bombardment of Halabja and Great Uprising of 1991 especially the hospitality of Eastern Kurdistan people. Then, Dr. Yaghoub and Dr. Sattar expressed their gratitude towards the hospitality of UoH. Besides, he explained a brief background about Abu Ali Sina and D-8 International Universities and their rankings among other Iran and other international universities. In the meeting, a number of scientific ideas were discussed and exchanged. Besides, both sides focused and emphasized on building bilateral academic and scientific relations. At the end, the universities logos were exchanged and it is worth to mention that in the near future a MoU will be signed between them.