Published at: 06-10-2018

The UoH Participated in the 5th Event of the TIGRIS Project

Posted by:  UoH

The UoH delegation consisting of Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Amin, President of the University, Mr. Omar Fuad Ghafoor, Director of Quality Assurance, Mr. Hydayet Muhammed Ahmed, Director of Language Center and Miss Sazan Salah Saber, International Relations Staff took part in the 5th event of TIGRIS Project under the title “Concluding Workshop W1” on the 24th of September 2018 at the University of Sulaimanyah. The Workshop lasted for three days in which the partner’s representatives of the Project from local and abroad regions attended. First, welcome speeches were given by Dr. Ridha Hassan, President of the UoS, Dr. Uwe Muss, Coordinator of the TIGRIS Project from UGOE and Prof. Dr. Polla Khanaqa, Regional Co-ordinator of the Project. Then, Mr. Jakob Hedderich from UGOE presented the Project Overview and Timeline Then, all the KR Universities Partners of the Project presented short presentations about the first year of the project. Miss Sazan on behalf the UoH offered a presentation in which she clarifies the steps the UoH took towards Internationalization in the first year of TIGRIS project. Besides, she discussed the difficulties that the UoH have faced in the process. After that, an open discussion was arranged to discuss the outcomes of the first year of the project. In the afternoon session concluded a workshop which was presented by Dr. Carlos Machado, External Quality Assurance Expert for the TIGRIS Project, on “Risk Analysis”. The morning session of the second day was dedicated to “Project Management Meeting” which was presented by Dr.Uwe Muuss, from UGOE. Then, Dr. Uwe Brandenburg as a leader of the Quality Leading Team of the TIGRIS Project reported on the performance of the Project Consortium in the first year of the project. Then, Dr. Uwe Muss presented a workshop on “Developing structures corresponding to the institutional and international strategy of universities” The third day of the workshop was dedicated to a training course under the title “IRO management” which was offered by Miss Violeta Osouchova from Masaryk University. It is worth mentioning that the partners headed to Erbil to participate in the project’s first Annual Dissemination Conference which was titled “Internationalization of Higher Education in Kurdistan Region of Iraq – Towards future convergence with European Higher Education” on the 27th of September 2018. In adition, Mr. Hedayet and Miss Bayan Othman Muhammed attended the conference as the UoH representatives