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Published at: 07-08-2018

The UoH Holds a Scientific and Cultural Festival

Posted by:  UoH

Under the supervision and presence of Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim, the UoH president, the UoH had its first cultural and scientific festival in cooperation with Yanai Siah Chamana, Halabja Ladies Group, Shahrazoor Photographers Group, Sulaimani National Art and Halabja Horse Racing on 2nd of May 2018.

A number of lecturers, employees, students and civilians also attended the festival.

The event which included numerous activities and exhibitions was to join science, culture, folklore and art of the area.

College of Science conducted its annual festival by performing the students products in an exhibition. The students won high praise from the attendants for their scientific inventions. Besides, the attendants had high hopes for a bright futuer for the students because of the high ability they showed in the festival.

College of Humanities had its annual festival of Reading Books at the college library. According to the principles of the festival a committee chose a number of students to the competition of reading books. At the end, successful students were received awards.

Yanai Sia Cahamana presented Kurdish Custom Clothes, folklore and instrument of Haraman area along with performing kurdish dancing by Hawaraman Dance Group. Halabja Ladies Group showed their artificial and handmade works in an exhibition to attract the attendants to buy the products. It is worth mentioning that the profit of the man-made products would be given to Chro Organization which they help cancer patients.

Shahrazoor Photographers Group held an exhibition in which they showed numerous photographs.

The Horse Racing Group with a magnificent horse racing participated in the festival. Sulaimani National Arts participated in the festival by performing an amazing kudish dance.

The two kurdish singers Peshraw Hawrami and Qasim Hawrami sang a number of joyful and beautiful songs.

The attendants expressed their gratitude towards the UoH for organizing such a great festival in which education process joined culture, folklore and art.