slot demo slot gacor College of Science holds a workshop on Sign Language – University of Halabja
Published at: 20-05-2024

College of Science holds a workshop on Sign Language

Posted by:  UoH

In the framework of series of scientific activities College of Science, Department of Computer Science conducted a second workshop entitled “Improved Recognition of Kurdish Sign Language Using Modified CNN “which was presented by Lecturers Mr.Karwan Mahdi Hama Raouf and Mr. Ayub Othman Abdulrahman, in which they discussed the role of sign language in detail in relation to the communication of individuals in general and the people of needs in particular.
At the beginning, Mr. Karwan gave an introduction about sign language, besidesو he mentioned that in Kurdistan enough data is not available to conduct research and create smart tools at the aim of recognizing sign language for deaf community, so they have jointly developed a dataset to recognize the Kurdish sign Language(KUSL) in which there are a total of 71,400 pictures in the dataset, drawn from two separate sources, representing the 34 sign languages and alphabets used by the Kurds which is a helpful and efficient aid for the deaf population and currently available online for all.
The main reason behind conducting this research paper is that due to lack of researches in this area of recognizing Kurdish sign language which are a dime of dozen, while there are dozens of scientific researches concerning sign language in other languages around the world particularly in English language during the last 26 days (18) research papers has been published in this regard.
Then, Mr. Karwan pointed out to two well-known global platforms which is supported/funded by European Union along with (17) institution and academic centers, namely SignDict and SignOn projects which aim to create a mobile app that can translate between European sign and verbal languages to address this issue and available for all deaf community with all the European languages. Similarly, we can also create a Kurdish platform as a web application or mobile application.
In the second part of the workshop Mr. Ayub shed light on their new joint scientific research paper on developing and improving Kurdish Sign Language Using Modified CNN as a model of machine-learning approach. This research paper is published in Computer journal which has high impact factor of 2.8 and it is a reliable international journal. Additionally, Mr. Ayub highlighted the necessity of doing research in this area and how crucial it is for the deaf community which can be carried out with the use of current technology and less cost to create smart machines for comprehension and communication with sign language, “their future plan is working on evaluating and classifying of a sign language for Kurdish Language directly” he added.
The workshop concluded with question- and answer session.
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