Published at: 11-04-2023

The UoH Held a Course on First Aid

Posted by:  UoH

On the 11th of April 2023, a seminar on “First Aid” held in the seminar hall of the College of Basic Education.
From the beginning, the UoH Research Center’s Director, Dr. Hersh Hama Amin Faqe, provided an explanation of the course process which is accessible to all colleges employees and lecturers. He also emphasized the significance of the course.
Later, Dr. Diler Karim discussed the role of a first aid as well as explaining the necessary steps and identifying who can be a first aid provider. Additionally, he discussed the actions needed to keep the the sick or injured people safe including contacting emergency services, performing artificial respiration, clearing airways, chest pain, bleeding, and burns. Lastly, the seminars speakers answered all queries from the participants.
The last but not least, the medical officers Mr. Saad Mahdi, Mr. Ihsan Rebwar and Mr. Zhyar explained the first aid steps to follow of different cases practically and they also answered the participants questions and comments.