Published at: 15-12-2022

A National Symposium on KRG Crises Held at the UoH

Posted by:  UoH

Under the supervision of the head of the department Mr. Ako Mohammed Tofiq, the Department of International Trade of the College of Law and Administration held a symposium at the Central Library Hall at the presidency of the UoH on the 12th of December 2022. During the symposium, the crises in the Kurdistan Region and their management and solutions were discussed in detail by the students of the college of International Business.
It is worth to mention that 14 current crises and obstacles in the Kurdistan Region were discussed as well as presenting proposals and solutions. At the end, the participants shared their views on the symposium topics.
The symposium was presented as follows:
1- The Social Media Crisis by the students Shad Hama Amin and Rezhwan Fayeq
2- Financial Crisis of the Kurdish People by Shadyar Shorsh and Aso Mahmoud
3- Fuel Crisis in the Kurdistan Region by Soma Sabah and Sari Omar
4- Unemployment Crisis in the Kurdistan Region by Ahmad Salim and Bzhew Dilshad
5- Water Crisis in the Kurdistan Region by Mohammed Hamid and Yousif Aryan
6- The Education System Crisis by Rovar Ibrahim, Nergiz Bahadeen and Jawhar Jalal
7- The Air Pollution Crisis by Nvar Noori, Razhan Ghafoor and Shanga Omar
8- The Tourism Crisis by Darya Sharif, Rebin Rafiq and Rawa Amjad
9- Trade and Export Crisis by Rawezh Hasib, Halwest Jabar and Hokar Mohammed
10- Electricity Crisis in the Kurdistan Region by Paywand Mohammed and Ari Hussein
11- Economic Crisis in the Kurdistan Region by Soma Omid and Kawsar Majeed
12- Financial Crisis in the Kurdistan Region by Shajwan Rafaat and Tavan Rafa
13- Local Products Crisis by Lava Jabar, Rayan Luqman and Darya Wahbi
14- Health Sector Crisis in the Kurdistan Region by Sharmin Tariq and Balla Bestoon