Published at: 04-03-2019

The UoH Holds a Workshop on Reforming in the Pedagogical Method and Changing in the System of Higher Education at Kurdistan Universities

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The UoH held a workshop entitled, “Reforming in the Pedagogical Method and Changing in the system of Higher Education at Kurdistan Universities” on 25 February 2019.
A number of lecturers and students attended the workshop which was presented by Dr. Sarkew Salah, Dean of College of Sciences, and Mr. Arian Ali, Director of International Relations.
The workshop was one of the range workshops that the two lecturers conducted for the UoH.
At the beginning of the workshop, Dr. Nariman Abdualla Dean of College of Humanities warmly welcomed the attendants and shed some lights on the topic of the workshop.
Dr. Nariman also clarified the importance of the workshop because lecturers need moderation in teaching methods.
During the workshop, they discussed the steps of reform in Education, Programs Methods or Curriculum.
They also pointed out the reform that the Finland Country has implemented in the education Process and how it was successful.
The workshop included numerous topics as followings:
• Student Centered Approach • Innovative Pedagogical Method
• Competence Based Curriculum
• Entrepreneurship and Innovation
• University Business cooperation It is worth mentioning that organizing this workshop came after participating Dr. Sarkew and Mr.
Arian participated in a pedagogical course for two months in Finland.
They also participated in another two months online course.
The Pedagogical course was organized for 33 Universities around the world at the aim of reforming in pedagogy and teaching methods in Higher Education Systems.