Published at: 21-02-2019

The UoH Organized a Panel on “The Role of University in the Economic Construction of Halabja Province”

Posted by:  UoH

With the presence of Dr. Yousif Goran, Minister of MOHESR of the KRG and his accompanied delegation, Dr. Thaseen Abdulkarim Al-Zangana, President of UoH, Mr. Azad Tofiq,Halabja Governor, Mr. Kawa Ali, Deputy Governor, UoH council members, numerous lecturers, employees and students and a number of public figures the UoH organized a panel under the title “The Role of University in the Economic Construction of Halabja Province” on the 19th of February 2019 at Dr. Mustafa Zalmi Hall.

At first, all attendants stood silently for a minute as a remembrance of Kurdistan martyrs.
Later, Dr. Tahseen gave a brief speech in which he warmly welcomed Dr. Yousif and his delegation for their visit to UoH and he also highly appreciated Mr. Minister for his valuable participation in the panel.
Besides, Dr. Al-Zangana clearly declared the aim of organizing the panel.

The panel began with reading the work plan of the panel by Mr. Arian Ali Hamid, Director of International Academic Relations and manager of the panel.

The panel included Dr. Yousif Goran, Mr. Azad Tofiq, Mr. Kawa Ali, Mr. Ako Mohammed Tofiq and Mr. Ako Irahim Faqe Mahmood. At the beginning of the panel, Mr. Minister expressed his gratitude towards UoH and Halabja Governorate for forming such an academic panel and describing the topic as an important and necessary subject at the present time. In addition, he clarified the crucial role of university in the construction of economy of job opportunity. He further described the job opportunity as an important responsibility of each university as well as education process.

After that, Dr. Yousif suggested forming a joint- board from governmental offices, the university, province, businesspersons, commercial rooms to formulate a plan for the economic infrastructure of the province.

“The university and MOHESR should play a vital role in the plan” he further added.

Mr. Azad took his part by giving a discussion about the relations between university, culture and community. In addition, he clarified the role of university in all community sectors. He also mentioned the role of university in raising academic staff and generation to conduct scientific research to serve society.

Then, Mr. Kawa Ali gave a discussion about the sectors that the university have not paid attention to and then they have headed into wrong directions. Besides, he provided the attendants with an accurate data of the projects and needs of Halabja Province.

The UoH lecturer Mr. Ako Ibrahim participated in the panel by presenting a subject on providing job opportunity in which he clarified the ways to find job opportunities for students. He provided numerous statistics about the subject as well.

The final subject was presented by the UoH lecturer Mr. Ako Tofiq on the role of commerce and travel in Halabja. He also pointed out that Halabja is a wide travel place and it is possible to make the place as a center of economy for this Governorate particularly and Kurdistan in general in the future.