Published at: 15-03-2022

UoH Civil Engineering student made a construction material

Posted by:  UoH

Mr. Danar Aziz Majid, second stage student from Department of Construction Engineering with supervision and assistance of Lecturers Mr. Hunar Farid, Head of Construction Engineering Department and Mr. Rabar Faraj Hama Amin produced a construction material named “Bio- Sensibility of Concrete” which is environmentally friendly and used for healing cracks.
The product is a construction raw material which is used for reinforcing and renewing the strength and durability of structured concretes in general and filling the cracks in particular in order to restore their previous shapes. “It has been the result of one year’s continuous hard work and effort,” Mr. Danar said, he further added that he was able to win two times place number two and three for his project in scientific competitions last year, also this product will have great effect as a construction material and it can compete globally in the future.
It is worth mentioning that Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdualla, UoH President has a great share in supporting his project.