Published at: 25-11-2021

Workshop held on Comprehensive Education

Powerd by: UoH

Workshop held on Comprehensive Education For the purpose of providing comprehensive Education, Halabja Disabled Organization in collaboration with University of Halabja, College of Basic Education organized an international scientific workshop entitled ““Betterment Education Opportunities for Students with Special Needs” which was funded by Fida International Organization.
Among the significant people who attended the workshop on 22nd of November, 2021 were Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, President of UoH, Dr. Hussain Mohammed Salih, Dean of College of Basic Education, together with a number of internal and external visitors, lecturers, students.
The workshop started with the speech of Mr. Hidayat Mohammed followed by the UoH president welcoming message in which she warmly welcomed the attendees and thanked the organizers and presenters of the workshop. She also mentioned the role and importance of people of special needs and appreciated their efforts in all aspects of life.
The workshop consists of two panels; The first panel was presented by three panelists and moderated by Mr. Hidayat Mohammed, the panelists were Mr. Mariwan Wahbi, the Head of Disabled Organization of Halabja, Dr. Lynn Rose Director of Research and Disability Studies, CGDS Professor in Social Sciences at American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, Ms. Heine Siren Head of Fida Organization, and Dr. Hussain Mohammed Salih Dean of College of Basic Education. The first member was Mr. Mariwan Wahbi, the Head of Disabled Organization of Halabja, mentioned about the Gaps in Education System related to the students of Special Needs, and said that this category of people should be mixed with society again according to the law.
The second member was Dr. Lynn Rose who gave a presentation on Special Education and Rights of Students with Disabilities and the Data which is related to the Education System for the Disabled people and Special Needs in Kurdistan Region. The third member was Ms. Heine Siren, Head of Fida Organization who offered a presentation on the role of psychosocial support on students of special needs. Th fourth member was Dr. Hussain Mohammed Salih Dean of College of Basic Education, who explained the role of Social Sciences in developing the Capacity of the people of special Needs. With an answer – question session, the first panel concluded.
The second panel was moderated by Mr. Hidayat Mohammed and the members were Mr. Hikmat Marof, activist for the rights of People with Special Needs and Environment, Mr. Bakhtawar Barzan, Special Needs student and Dr. Barzan Hadi Hama Karim, Head of IRO at UoH. The first member was Mr. Hikmat Marof, who talked about how to deal with people with disabilities. The second member was Mr. Bakhtawar Barzan, a student who shared his challenges and barriers during studying, and also showcasing different ways in which a person disability can continue studying and achieve their goal. The third member was Dr. Barzan Hadi Hama Karim offered a presentation about New methods of teaching to promote inclusive education, mixing the students with special needs with normal students to study parallel to each other.
With an answer – question session, the workshop ended.