Published at: 20-11-2021

College of Law and Administration Held Workshop on Leadership

Posted by:  UoH

Department of International Trade of College of Law and Administration held a workshop on how to create a fearless, behavioral and administratively balanced leader on the 16th of November, 2021. Each of the following gave a presentation:
Mr. Ako Muhammed Tofiq presented an overview of behavioral theory of leadership. He defined a behavioral leader as the one who exhibits several behavioral traits such as forgiveness, listening to others, good treatment with the surrounding, modesty, and accepting criticism. It is also important to consider how capable a leader is in bringing about changes and win people’s approval.
Mr. Faisal Ali Khorshid gave a presentation on balanced management and put an emphasis on collaboration and impartiality among institutions and the need for them by the society to avoid posing difficulties and problems. He also said that the fundamental reason for the existence of such institutions is to fulfil, satisfy and serve the needs of the society.
Dr. Rizgar AbdulKarim AbdulAziz from the Polytechnic University of Sulaimani presented the final presentation in which he discussed the fact that our places of work should be filled with fearlessness, kindness, respect and love. He additionally gave a historical and scientific summary of the emergence of administration as well as the advent of the concept of psychological soundness.