Published at: 08-11-2021

UoH Received Head of General Relations of Huawei company/ Sulaimanyah

Posted by:  UoH

Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, UoH president with Dr. Surkew Salah,Dean of College of Science and a number of lecturers with specialty in information and technology and from Department of Computer Science, received Mr. Jamal Nuri, Head of General Relations of Huawei company , Sulaimanyah Branch, on November 4th, 2021. In the meeting, Dr. Mahabad welcomed and showed her appreciation towards staff for their visit, and working with them is really appreciable, then head of general relations of Huawei, explained the aim of his visit, which is working with the lecturers and students, opening courses and providing students with scholarships in the area of Communication and Technology. Further, he mentioned the aim of Huawei company which is preparing and equipping students with skills needed for Labor Market after graduation. He discussed that they have been working with the universities of Sulaimani Polytechnic, Salahadin, Garmian, and for the same purpose they have visited UoH. At the end, both sides wished that their collaboration will provide better services for lecturers and students.