Published at: 07-10-2021

UoH Holds forum on how athletics and athletes can enter the Olympics

Posted by:  UoH

UoH held a forum entitled ‘’how athletics and athletes can enter the Olympics’’ on the 6th of Octobet,2021.
Dr. Mahabad gave a speech in which she welcomed the participants and the audience to forum, and to the city of peace. She also mentioned that this is the first forum organized by the UoH at a time when all our focus should be on the Iraqi parliamentary elections. She additionally showed her appreciation to the opening of a new Olympic committee of representatives – Halabja branch. Finally, she hoped that the forum would provide answers to the athletes’ questions and pave the way for our youth to develop their athletic skills.
The forum consists of two panels, the participants of the first panel were Mr. Bahman Gharib, the presenter at KNN TV channel, Mr. Hiwa Mula Qadir, sports reporter and Mr. Saman Arif, broadcaster of Sport programs at NRT news channel, this panel was run by Mr. Renwar. In the panel, the role of media which has influence upon everything in present times was discussed. Later, they stated that sports should be given more importance in the media for the local athletes in Kurdistan, and also the challenges and barriers that face the sport in general and sportspersons in particular should be tackled.
The second panel was presented by Dr. Ako Ibrahim Faqe, and the invitee was Dr. Diyar Taib, member of Iraqi Parliament who talked about the issues of the committee of sport and culture of Iraqi Parliament, and what it has done so far for sport and athletes of Iraq and Kurdistan.
At the end of the forum the Logo of the University of Halabja was awarded to the participants of the panels by Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, Dr. Dana Tahir Abdualla and Dr. Sirwan Hamid Ahmed.