Published at: 05-10-2021

A UoH Lecturer participated in an international symposium

Posted by:  UoH

By a paper entitled ‘’Turkish conflict and Arabic countries and its impacts on Drama’’, Mr. Ahmad Qader Ali participated in the 7th international symposium for international students.
The symposium was conducted on the days of 1-3 of October,2021, in Samsun city in Turkey. By participating 180 researchers from 110 different countries, in different fields the activities were administered, that was arranged by international federal of students organization and Samsun University.
In his study, Mr.Ahmad Qader focused on the complicated relations between Turkey and Arab countries (Egypt, United Arab Emirates ,Saudi Arabia) and the effects of the situation on drama from both sides. At the same time, he investigated on the outcomes of dramas on relations of both sides. with a co-operation of lecturer of the UoH, Mr. Ardalan Ahmad in Salahadin University and Dr. Ziad Muhamad in Charmo University get involved in the symposium.