Published at: 07-09-2021

UoH and Coventry University sign MoU

Posted by:  UoH

As part of its continuous efforts and within the framework of its strategic plans to develop academic relations, the University of Halabja signed a memorandum of understanding with the Coventry University.

The MoU comes after several already joint scientific works between the two institutions which further pushed the two to put their cooperation into a formal framework.

The contents of this academic agreement include details of proposed joint scientific partnership in forms of conferences, workshops, symposiums, development of coursebooks, conducting joint research, provision of grants, supervision of papers, and publication in high-ranked international journals.

It is important to highlight the roles of both the UoH chancellor Dr. muhabad Kamil Abdullah and Dr. Araz Jamal Agha from Coventry University whose efforts faciliated and led to the signing of the MoU.