Published at: 20-05-2021

A number of UoH Students Set up an Electronics Laboratory

Posted by:  UoH

As symbol of loyalty for the city of Halabja and UoH, a number of UoH graduates set up an Electronics Laboratory and designed the screen of their first three products with the name and logo of the UoH.
Mr. Alan Muhedeen Hussain who graduated from Department of Physics/College of Science is the founder and supervisor of the lab and Mr. Mohammed Mahmood who graduated from department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences and arranges the audio of the products.
Mr. Alan stated that instead of waiting for employment opportunities and blaming government to provide them with jobs, they decided to establish this Electronics Lab with the help of some friends after one year of their graduation and getting certificates. Besides, one of their first products is the Smart Electrical Division which works in three languages (English, Arabic and Kurdish) and facilitated with programs in a way which can be used and controlled through the smart phone. Additionally, Mr. Alan mentioned that he is optimistic that in the future his products will be used in marketing as an international Brand.
UoH thanks the students because what they did is a proof that the knowledge they gained through education showed their hidden potential which enables them to start their own business.