Published at: 24-01-2021

The Committee of the Bologna Process at UoH Held the Second Session

Posted by:  UoH

The Committee of the Bologna Process at UoH including Dr. Barzan Hadi Hamakareem, head of the committee and head of IRO, Mr. Aram Muhammad Qadir, head of Quality Assurance and the representatives from all the scientific departments including heads and coordinators of the dedicated departments which started implementing Bologna process held the second session on the 24th of January 2021.
It is worth to mention that Assist. Prof. Dr. Dana Abdullah Tahir, vice-president for Scientific Affairs attended the session to find out how the whole process is implemented.
The purpose of the session was to discuss and deal with the challenges appearing in the process of implementation. In addition, the process already started in all the departments at the university, therefore, so many steps should be taken to overcome the challenges in the process of implementation at UoH.
Later, the preparations for the final exam of the Fall semester of the academic year 2020-2021 was discussed in detail. Besides, a number of comments were addressed by the participants to the committee in order to better understanding of how to implement the process.