Published at: 26-09-2020

The directorates of International Academic Relations and Higher Education at UoH held a workshop

Powerd by: UoH

The directorates of International Academic Relations and Higher Education at UoH held a workshop entitled “Innovative Pedagogy is emerging: The Future of Kurdish higher education” in Cooperation with Garmian, Soran and Knowledge Universities on the 28th of September 2020.
The participants of the workshop were limited to policymakers as well as faculty members of UoH. The main purpose of the workshop was to offer the participants a good understanding of how ‘pedagogy’ as the theory and practice of teaching, learning and assessment has been evolving in the 21st century and how best to achieve the development of those skills in teaching and learning approaches in the university education.
During the workshop, Assist. Prof. Dr. Asaad Mohammad, head of Pedagogy Center and Dr. Omar Mahmood from Garmian University discussed the process of Bologna process and they reported how implementing of Bologna process in Kurdish universities may empower learners with skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaborative skills, innovation, digital literacy, and adaptability that might help learners to cope with a constantly changing demands of 21st education.
Then, Dr. Karmand Abdullah, dean of Faculty of Arts from Soran University pointed out reforming and changing in the process of learning in which students become a center of the process and he also discussed the concepts which are essentials in Pedagogy. He also gave an overview of different aspects that could guide the participants to understand, improve, and share teaching and learning practices across disciplines in order to prepare a new generation of lifelong learners.
Later, Dr. Muhammad Ali, vice president for Scientific Affairs from Soran University had a discussion on two different topics.
Firstly, he mentioned the importance of activating conducting research papers in Pedagogy and having positive impacts on the universities.
Secondly, he clarified the process of publishing papers in the high-quality scientific journals in details.
After that, Dr. Nabaz Nawzad Abdullah, head of Business Administrative Department from Knowledge University highlighted different aspects of pedagogy as well as provided greater insight into how they can apply different pedagogical teaching styles and improve the quality of teaching in their own teaching environment. At the end, UoH president awarded the participants from the three mentioned universities.