Published at: 12-12-2019

UoH and Gender Equity Center Held a Forum entitled, “I Can”

Posted by:  UoH

On the 8th of December 2019, as one of the series of activities which are organized for confronting violence against women and through a national campaign, UoH and Gender Equity Center held a Forum entitled, “I Can” in which five qualified ladies discussed their experience and success.
Assist. Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, UoH President, Deans of Colleges of Science and Humanities, Ms. Gullistan Muhammed, head of Human Rights Office in Halabja and a number of students and visitors attended the forum. During the forum, a number of figure women were appointed to discuss their successful experience in their political and social life.
The first lady was Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah. She gave a speech in which she mentioned her experience and success in her life until the time she was appointed as the UoH president.
The other qualified ladies were was the lawyer Ms. Shokhan Hama Rashid, Dr. Hataw Hama Salih, head of Gender Equity Center at UoH, the judge Ms. Sozan Hama Rashid and the judge Ms. Shawnm Muhedin.