Published at: 09-12-2019

Head of Gender Equity Center Participated in a Seminar in MOHESR

Posted by:  UoH

Dr. Hataw Hama Salih, head of Gender Equity Center at UoH, participated in a seminar entitled, “Studying Gender Subject at KRG Universities” in MOHESR on the 2nd of December 2019.
Representative of head of Kurdistan Parliament, head of Committee of Women Rights Advocate in Kurdistan Parliament, general director and Equity Centers’ heads at Kurdistan Universities attended the seminar which was run under supervision of Dr. Aram Muhammed Qadir, Minister of MOHESR.
The seminar was to introduce a gender subject into all KRG Universities’ curriculum.
Then, Ms. Lanja Dzayy read an article on behalf of head of Kurdistan Parliament.
After that, Dr. Nazand Bagikhani, counselor of Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region, offered a seminar on Higher Educations and Gender affairs in which he mentioned the importance of studying gender subject in education sectors and clarified the gender concept from society point of view .