Published at: 24-03-2019

English Language Department Held a Seminar on Aviation Related English Terminology

Posted by:  UoH

English Language Department held a Seminar on Aviation Related English Terminology.

Firstly, Mr. Atta Hama Murad, Head of English Department, welcomed all the attendants and briefed the topic of the seminar.

Besides, he discussed the seminar and gave clarification to the students and lectures.

Later, Mr. Zana Majeed Afandi, the lecturer at Civil Aviation Institution at Sulaimaniah Airport, presented the seminar in which he stated “Such a seminar has not organized until today in KRG but in the future we will present this kind of seminar at the other universities of KRG”.

Finally, Mr. Zana expressed his gratitude towards the UoH and hoped that the information he provided the students and lecturers would be useful