Published at: 19-05-2019

University of Halabja by coordination of Rwanga Foundation has founded many academic courses

Posted by:  UoH

The university of Halabja by coordinateing Rwanga Foundation and under the naming(Qudra Program)has organized twelve academic courses for the university employees, students and some unemployed youth of the city. The courses were administrated by career development center at Halabja university and Rwanga Foundation-Halabja Office during 15th December 2018 – 5th May 2019 , from the UoH camp.

The target of those courses at university was to make a contact between the university and the organizations, also to socialization the university employees and students in the different scientific sectors. Mr. Goran Omer, head of career development center at the university about the courses and role of the university in conducting the project declared “one of the university duties is coordinateing with the civil community organizations, and university can not be isolated from the society.

In this case the university in the way of career development center (CDC) by coordinateing Rwanga Foundation-Halabja Office, founded this project at the university”. Concerning of the importance of these courses for students and youngs, head of the career center said “these courses are very important in marketing job and these specializations are necessary and helpful for finding job opportunity for youngs and do not ever wait to government to employ them in an office”.

Concerning of mechanisms of practicing the courses Mr. Goran Omer declared that each course was 30 days and a 3 hour lecture daily. They chose the best three participants in each course that was 12 participants and started a private course about starting their own business. About benefits of university said ” in the project university was benefited in eathly and moral aspects.

Mr. Khubaib Nadr head of Rwanga Foundation-Halabja Office thanked the president of the university and the commissioner of president for scientific affairs and CDC of Halabja university, which cooperated Rwanga foundation to carry out the project in the university and Halabja province, which gave us labs and lecture halls.

He said that if they did not attend to help us, the project could not be positive and successful in Halabja. Also he was grateful for the Halabja governor and JCC center and all of those organizations that helped them in carrying out the project.

Concerning the data’s of participants of the course, head of Rwanga Foundation-Halabja Office declared that 233 young girls and boys have been benefited in Qudra program who their age were between 18-35 and 75 of the participants of the projects were from the university, 64 of them were student 11 of them were university employee. He told that eight of the trainers of the program were teachers from the university and seven of assistants were were university employees. Participating students were by an online form.

Concerning performing the project Mr. Khubaib declared that it’s important to perform this opportunity in university in which we prefer these activities to be carrying out by cooperation a private or a general agency. He talked about any other activity with the university by cooperating the CDO organization, Rwanga Foundation will perform the project of planting 300 trees at the university recently.

Mr. Faraidun Wali, head of Physics department in UoH and one of the Qudra Program trainers told that, starting these courses are very important to Halabja because, we do not have job opportunities, very little practical and vocational courses would be available to youngs and graduated students, as after graduation they won’t get a job easily but these courses announce them to be familiar with some jobs.

About role participants, he declared that they had a great role also had a great affect and ability to the courses and this made the courses to be very successful.

Behind this, the participants of the project are talking about starting these courses importantly which are new courses and contains of some new and necessary subjects for job marketing nowadays. They also talked about learning many bases and new techniques for starting their businesses and jobs.

They belonged the success of the courses to the teachers and appropriating the place. The students acknowledged the president of UoH and Rwanga Foundation-Halabja Office about starting these courses for students and wished to be continued with these courses.

Name of the Courses :

1-Solar Power 1 by trailer – Faraidun Wali

2-Mobile Application 1 by – Jihad Enaiat

3-Social Media Management 1 by – Ayub Othman

4-Graphic Design 1 by – Barham Omer

5-Web Development 1 by – Karwan Mahdi

6-Digital Marketing and Marketing Sales 1 by – Aram Muhammed

7- Solar Power 2 by trainer – Faraidun Wali

8-Mobile Application 2 by – Jihad Enaiat

9-Social Media Management 2 by – Ayub Othman

10-Montion Graphics by – Barham Omer

11-Adobe XD Course by – Rzgar Taeeb

12- Digital Marketing and Marketing Sales 2 by – Rzgar Taeeb As it’s known Qudra is a programed jiz German organisation and Rwanga Foundation-Halabja Office performs it and the Europe Union under the name (Civil Program) corroborates it.

The sum of the courses in Kurdistan are 61 courses and 16 starting small business course, which 12 courses were performed in Halabja with 3 starting small business.