Published at: 24-04-2019

The UoH Conducted a Panel on Genocide, Reconstruction and Compensation in the 31st Anniversary of Halabja Chemical Attack

Posted by:  UoH

The UoH Conducted a Panel on Genocide, Reconstruction and Compensation on the 16th of March 2019 which was the remembrance day of the 31st anniversary of Halabja Chemical Attack.

At the beginning of the panel, all the attendances stood one moment silently as a remembrance for the soul of Halabja Martyrs.

Later, a documentary film was presented to show the tragedy of Halabja Chemical Attack. The Manager of the panel was Dr. Nariman Abdulla, Dean of College of Humanities.

The Panel members were Dr. Najiha Shery, Head of Martyrs Institute of Iraq, Dr. Muthana Ameen, Iraqi Parliament member, Dr.Bakhtyar Shawais, Iraqi Parliament member and Mr.Hussain Sultan. At first, Dr. Najiha expressed her heartfelt condolences towards the families of Martyrs and victims of the Chemical attack.

She also hoped for the full recovery of the wounded victims of Halabja.

In addition, she pointed out the fact that people of Halabja were left homeless due to the act of barbarism of the defeated Baath Regime.

The homeless people flew to Iran after the attack. She stated that they will work on equalizing the salaries of the families of the victims and martyrs and political Prisoners of Kurdistan and Iraq.

In addition, she affirmed that the salaries of martyrs of Kurdistan and Iraq should be identical.

Later, Dr. Muthana Ameen participated in the panel in which he reaffirmed on equalizing the salaries of the families of the martyrs of Kurdistan and Iraq.

In addition, he gave a discussion about one of the most tragic case which is the missing children.

In addition, one of the responsibilities of Parliament is to work on the case of Halabja martyrs, having problems in the way of applying the rights and Martyrs privilege.

He further added, “If the parliament does not carry out their duty towards the victims, I myself as one of the political prisoners will claim to court and demand the compensation for people of Halabja”.

Dr. Bakhtyar Shaways, pointed out a number of articles that the Kurdish representatives in the parliament of Iraq has implemented until today.

Dr. Bakhtyar stated that the order concerning transforming Halabja into governorate has not been worked on it in Parliament except in the governmental side.

According to the Iraqi Parliament, any order which has been issued in the time of the former dictator in Kurdistan Parliament is a constitutional and Halabja also has been decided to became a province since 1999 in Kurdistan Parliament.

“The case of authorizing the opening of offices in Halabja and separating it from other provinces is one of the duties of Kurdish representatives in Baghdad.

Kurdish representatives have allocated 2 Billion dinars annually for Halabja but Iraq has not sent the amount yet” he added.

Finally, Dr. Hussain Sultan stated, “I am honored to participate in this panel in Halabja, we should make Halabja the city of peace, love and prosperity.

Everyone should make an attempt to make this city wonderful.

We need to recognize this case as an act of genocide in International community”.